10 iPad Apps for CFO Productivity

I love iPad imageI have to admit I love my iPad (the New iPad or iPad 3).

For most busy executives, keeping up to date on current affairs, regulations affecting your business and reading the latest articles that interest you can be a tedious job.

That’s why I thought I’d share my favourite iPad apps for helping busy business executives stay productive while keeping your mind sharp:

  1. Evernote: This is a great app to clip articles, websites, text, images and anything else you can think of in a searchable database of notebooks. This is a great way to “scrapbook” useful information, advice and resources. It’s not that great for reading articles offline though, for that I like to use…
  2. Readability: This app is a great way to consolidate articles for reading at a later time. Readability does a great job of formatting the articles so that it’s much easier to read and gets rid of a lot of clutter like ads and banners on a website. Also, once you download your latest reading list of articles, you can read the articles offline if you don’t have an internet connection.
  3. Pulse: If you have a number of news websites and/or blog feeds you enjoy reading, Pulse is a great way to bring all these together into one place on your mobile device. No need to download separate apps for each publication.
  4. Dropbox: If you need to have a access to certain files while on the go, then Dropbox is a great way to do that. Of course for any enterprise executive, security is a concern so while Dropbox is great in terms of usability it may be lacking in terms of the best security. For that, I would recommend …
  5. Spideroak: Spideroak is similar to Dropbox in a way in that it acts an online backup of files and can also synchronise with your other devices and computers, but where Spideroak excels is its security. They have a “zero knowledge privacy policy” meaning they do not save your password details on their servers so none of their staff may access a user’s password ever.
  6. SimpleMind+: I’m a visual thinker. When I think about business processes or want to break down complex ideas into smaller segments, I like to create mindmaps. This is a great and simple app to do that.
  7. Paper by 53 / Bamboo Paper / Skitch / Inkflow: As I mentioned above, I’m a visual person. When I don’t want to use a mindmap and just want to scribble down ideas or concepts, I love using any one these apps to draw them out on the tablet. Better than keeping a whole bunch of napkins around.
  8. Dragon Dictation: (It’s similar to Apple’s Siri however at the time of this writing Siri was not available yet on the iPad). Dragon Dictation lets you record your voice and it transcribes your voice note into text. The thing with Dragon Dictation is that you need to be connected online for it to work.
  9. Skype: Skype is great to have that conference call with a colleague or partner or check-in with your assistant in the office without incurring expensive long distance charges.
  10. Simplenote: I used to keep a small notebook or small pieces of paper with me to jot down any ideas I would have. Now, I tend to enter them into my iPad or iPhone using Simplenote. Just as the name implies it’s basically a great notet aking app. No frills, just plain text notes. That’s all I want it to do. Since it synchronises with your account on their website, you can keep notes synchronised with your iPad and iPhone and if you don’t either device with you, you can log on via the website.

Honorable Mentions:

  • I usually get our accountant to send me the financial reports in PDF so I can view them in the iBooks app
  • I like to synchronise my Google Calendar with the native Calendar app in iOS. This way I can share my schedule with my assistant
  • Since both of these apps are native to iOS, I did not include them in the above list

If you have any other apps that keep you productive, feel free to share them in the comments.