10 Steps to be More Efficient

Every executive or management employee knows how important stressing efficiency is. The more efficient you and your workers are, the more productive they are – and the more profitable the company is. CFOs are the same as any other position; the more efficient the individual is, the more valuable they are to the company.

Inc.com has put together an excellent list of 10 steps you can take to be a more efficient CFO, person, and employee. Here are the tips you should be following to make the most of your time.

1. Pointless meetings are pointless. Be sure to avoid meetings that do not set a specific agenda on what they are to accomplish. Conversations are bound to happen when everyone gets together and it’s easy for meetings to go on tangents that take up precious time.

2. Don’t take calls from people you don’t know. The people you need to speak with are the ones you already know. Taking a call from an unknown person is a waste of time. They could just as easily email you to get the information they need.

3. Turn off voicemail. As silly as it sounds, voicemail is a time-waster. You can simply tell callers to email you instead of use voicemail. The ability to respond by email saves you minutes from every communication.

4. Sort your email. Make sure your email program sorts emails for you. Group together emails from certain people so you can rapidly respond to the right groups at the right time, one-by-one. Jumping between subjects and topics will only slow you down.

5. Turn off email and texts when you need to. Don’t feel bad about cutting yourself off from communication. Focus is required for complicated work and having constant distractions will reduce the quality of your work and increase the time you need to complete it.

6. Don’t socialize a lot. It’s easy to get involved in unrelated conversations at work with people who enjoy chatting. Limit your time doing this and don’t be afraid to cut out of a conversation if you have important work to do.

7. Eat well. Eating healthy will give you more energy and focus. It also fends off fatigue which can be a time waster. Avoid too much caffeine and especially sweets and candy throughout the day. They will only make you more tired.

8. Walk. Take a break every hour or so to go for a short walk. Humans weren’t made to sit around all day. Walking can help your brain get reorganized and refocused on whatever you might be working on.

9. Decide faster. Many spend valuable time thinking about a decision they have to make. We run through scenario after scenario and waste time. Make an acceptable decision fast and deal with what comes of it.

10. Relax every day. It’s important to ensure you are able to relax and disconnect from work for twelve hours of the day. Constant availability for work will stress you out and make you less effective.

[via Inc.com]