Australian Red Cross Purchases New Enterprise Software

Red Cross
Image via Flickr by sarahstierch

With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy fresh in the minds of Americans, we’re once again reminded about how valuable our aid organizations are in times of crisis. One of the most important and influential aid organizations, The Red Cross, has been and continues to be very active in the areas hard-hit by Sandy. They have been doing amazing work and thanks to increased donations, they will continue to do the work until those areas are rebuilt.

Running a non-profit organization like the Red Cross doesn’t mean they are without the problems of cash flow, cash management, and maximizing efficiency. They simply approach these problems not as a way to make profit, but as a way to complete their goals. This applies to Red Cross organizations across the globe. One of those international Red Cross organizations has recently made the investment in new enterprise software.

ARC and TechnologyOne software deal

According to Spandas Lui on ZD Net, the Australian Red Cross has signed with TechnologyOne for enterprise software “in a contract worth AU$3 million.” This is a big step for the Australian Red Cross to become more successful and efficient in its organizational operations so that there are more funds available for doing their important and meaningful work.

Enterprise software that is unified, organized, and custom-built for your company can work wonders to improve efficiency and ultimately save money. The Australian Red Cross has to make the most of every dollar it gets from donations and from its charity stores. Putting AU$3 million down on enterprise software might seem to some people like a waste of money, but an investment of this degree enables the ARC to have a much more successful future.

Just because the Red Cross is an organization dedicated to helping people around the world, doesn’t mean it has less work than a normal company. ARC has 2,500 employees and 35,000 volunteers in Australia that they are responsible for. They have to deal with cash flow, finances, payments, fundraising/funding, and many other problems that big corporations face every day.

Enterprise Software Works

If the Red Cross is willing to invest in enterprise software, it’s definitely a sign that this can be a great decision for a for-profit company, too. The ARC obviously believes it will recoup the AU$3 million over time because of how much more efficient they will be. More importantly, as the acting CEO told ZD Net, “The new platform will give a single version of the truth, and be an effective decision-making tool.” As a CFO, wouldn’t you want to have that sort of quality information at your fingertips?

What would you be able to do with a custom-built enterprise software system for your company? When should a company look into upgrading or purchasing enterprise software?