Bridging the CFO-CIO Gap with Cloud Technology in 2014

Image via Flickr by Wonderlane

It’s no surprise that CFOs and CIOs haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. Chief Financial Officers work diligently to ensure a company receives maximum return on investment, while the Chief Information Officer is primarily concerned with ensuring a business stays ahead of the technology game, leaving a gap in their respective priorities. With the anticipated focus on cloud computing technology in 2014, CFOs and CIOs may be one step closer to reaching common ground.Cloud Computing is the Future of Business

As the end of 2013 approaches, predictions for the future abound. One of the major changes comes to us from the technology industry, as cloud computing technologies advance and more businesses plan to incorporate cloud-based technology into their growth strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the different cloud options on the horizon in 2014.

  • Public Cloud. Owned and operated by a third party vendor, a public cloud provides businesses with lower operating costs, scalability, and a guaranteed level of service. Of the three options, however, a public cloud is considered the least secure.
  • Private Cloud. The opposite of a public cloud, a private cloud provides businesses with a high level of security, the ability to modify applications, and an increased level of service. Businesses that have a need for reliable processing of applications on a frequent basis opt for a private cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud. With the hybrid cloud, businesses receive the best of both worlds, in a sense. Businesses with changing needs or usage demands find that hybrid clouds offer flexibility and scalability. Additionally, the use of hybrid clouds is estimated to decrease IT costs by up to 30%.

Focus on Growth in 2014

CIOs and CFOs are both concerned with the growth of their companies. This is good news when it comes to bridging the gap between the two, as cloud computing will allow businesses to effectively plan for growth, become more flexible, and increase cost-effectiveness in the New Year. With the use of cloud computing technology, CIOs and CFOs can work together to ensure their business is able to effectively meet the demands of their industry.

Do you plan to incorporate cloud computing technology into your business in 2014?