CAA Announces James Burtson of Time Warner as New CFO

According to CAA president, James Burtson’s experience with both strategy and finance will be important to facilitate future company growth.

James Burtson, a former senior vice president of Time Warner’s global mergers and acquisitions department, joined CAA (Creative Artists Agency) as CFO on July 13. The appointment is part of companywide growth, and follows six acquisitions in less than two years.

The company attributes its growth to the ever converging nature of media, content development, technology, and sports. At Time Warner, Burtson was an integral leader during a transformative decade, developing and enacting growth-driven strategies for the business. According to CAA president, Richard Lovett, his experience with both strategy and finance will be important to facilitate future company growth.

CAA is a worldwide recognized talent and sports agency. Organized in 1975, the company has been a strong representative of well-known celebrities including sports stars like David Beckham and Peyton Manning. The agency has also represented Drew Barrymore, JJ Abrams, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and Lupita Nyong’o, among many other A-list actors, directors, and writers.

Some in the industry are interested to see if James Burtson’s appointment is an indication that the company is thinking of initiating an IPO. His experience at Time Warner as a key player in several M&A spinoffs, including Time Warner Cable and Time, Inc., would be valuable to a company looking to go public.

James Burtson was with Time Warner Inc. for 13 years, working heavily in their investor relations programs and in the investment community before accepting his role as a senior vice president. Burtson started his career at Time Warner in 1994 as a financial analyst before moving on to Clear Channel Communications as the company’s online efforts CFO and vice president of strategic development. He also worked at JP Morgan before eventually moving back to Time Warner. He holds an MBA degree in finance from Columbia University.

CAA’s worldwide leadership in the talent acquisition industry have placed it in a position of opportunity to revolutionize the sector and create innovative new ways to create an advantage for their clients. With a focus on service and geographical expansion, Burton’s financial, strategic, and industry-specific skills make him a well-suited candidate for pursuing CAA’s strategic goals.