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Former Hospital CFO Sought for Arrest in Embezzlement Case

By CFOGlobalHQ / December 30, 2015

Former CFO of Bonner General Health is being sought by Idaho’s Bonner County Prosecutor for an alleged embezzlement charge. The Prosecutor, Louis Marshall, issued a warrant at the end of September for Norilina Harvel’s arrest. Harvel is being charged with grand theft, after embezzling roughly $220,000 from the hospital.


Volkswagen CFO Faces Speculation in Wake of Emissions Scandal

By CFOGlobalHQ / December 23, 2015

The recent Volkswagen emissions scandal has left many wondering about the future of CFO Hans Dieter Potsch. Potsch is catching a lot of attention surrounding the scandal, as it is up to him to calculate Volkswagen’s losses. Millions of cars were involved in the scandal, and the company faces financial fines and legal claims.


Hedge Fund CFO Mistake Costs $1.2 Million

By CFOGlobalHQ / September 9, 2015

Thomas Meston, CFO for Fortelus Capital Management LLP in London, lost his job on Friday, June 3rd after a phone conversation. The caller, who dialed the CFO late in the work day, claimed to be from the bank the hedge fund uses. He told Meston that the bank had noticed fraudulent activity on the account. […]


Former American Apparel CFO Under Scrutiny

By CFOGlobalHQ / June 24, 2015

The Los Angeles based clothing brand, American Apparel, has recently been under fire for fraud, mismanagement, and other potentially illegal activities. Specifically, CFO John Luttrell is accused of unreasonably firing a finance employee, conspiring against the CEO, and violating certain financial regulations, among other offenses.


Former CFO Charged with Embezzlement

By CFOGlobalHQ / January 21, 2015

The FBI arrested Gomidas Garabed Hartounian in his home on November 25th. Hartounian is the former CFO of a company based in Englewood, New Jersey. He has been charged with embezzling $6.3 million, taken from his former place of work with a single count of wire fraud.

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