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CFOs Focus on Retirement Benefits after International Paper Settlement

By CFOGlobalHQ / February 18, 2014

Late last year, employees of International Paper Co. were victorious in their 7-year long battle with the company regarding 401(k) claims. International Paper Co. agreed to settle for $30 million, bringing relief to the 10 employees involved in the lawsuit. In the history of retirement plan disputes, International Paper Co.’s settlement is believed to be […]


Is It Time? Understanding When CFOs Retire

By CFOGlobalHQ / December 25, 2013

Money. Family. Success. For many people, the definition of the “American Dream” has different meanings. Retirement data suggests that for Chief Financial Officers, an early retirement is an epitome of that dream. In 2013, fifty-six of the nation’s top CFOs retired, which is thirteen more than the year before. While most workers wait until the […]


Has IBM Set a New 401(K) Standard?

By CFOGlobalHQ / April 2, 2013

IBM has recently announced a major overhaul to its retirement contributions plan. Instead of the traditional model where employees can make periodic contributions, the change only allows a single lump-sum deposit at the end of the year. Since the contributions aren’t dispersed, employees will have approximately 6 months less time to earn interest with the […]