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Square CFO Reveals the Benefits of Mobile Payments

By CFOGlobalHQ / July 11, 2013

Recent reports from CPMG and CFO research show that CFOs are bouncing back from the recession with increased spending on technology, and the buzz around mobile payments has reached deafening levels. Since its foundation in 2009, Square, Inc. has topped 4 million global handset sales internationally and now processes over $15 billion in transactions each […]


LTRO Payments On the Rise: Good for Euro and Global Economy

By Giana Cho / February 21, 2013

The euro zone has long been using Long-term Refinancing Operations. In fact, LTROs have been around for years. But given the global economic downturn starting in late 2007 and the following euro crisis, the Central European Bank has relied on LTROs in a different way.


Automating AR: Putting Control in the Hands of Customers

By Steve Smith / May 29, 2012

Considering how much faster and less expensive it is, electronic delivery of customer invoices would be standard procedure in virtually every company if accounts receivable professionals had their way. One top ERP software vendor has estimated the cost of mailing a single invoice to be as high as $15 USD. In study after study, IT […]