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SEC Plans Increase in Fraud Enforcement

By CFOGlobalHQ / July 16, 2014

Fraud is a word with which no company wants to be associated. Being the victim of it can send a bad message to consumers about a company’s ability to manage itself and its employees. Because of the potential embarrassment, many frauds are never reported and handled internally. But the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department […]


Telecommunications CFO Faces Racism Charges, PR Crisis

By CFOGlobalHQ / June 24, 2014

Kirk Shewchuck, Chief Financial Officer of a telecommunications company in Lansing, MI, is facing allegations of racist comments about Native Americans. Shewchuck left a voicemail on May 20, 2014 for the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Planning Engineer concerning ACD.net’s plans to build a cell phone tower on tribal land. After leaving a voicemail about the easement, […]


Former Deloitte & Touche LLP Partner Resolves Charges

By CFOGlobalHQ / June 18, 2014

Auditor independence, as the name implies, refers to the independence of an auditor from others who may have financial interests in businesses being audited. It requires an objective approach to the process, as well as sincere integrity. Auditors are expected to freely carry out their work. These standards are unfortunately not always met – or […]


Citigroup Inc. Continues Damage Control after Alleged Oceanografia Fraud

By CFOGlobalHQ / June 17, 2014

Whether it involves misdirecting or misusing funds, understating expenses, overstating revenues, underreporting liabilities, or overstating assets, accounting fraud is relatively common. It does not always make national news, however. Information surrounding “creative” accounting practices within Citigroup, Inc. unfolded earlier this year, and may finally have peaked.


CFO Differentiates a Crisis from a Disaster

By CFOGlobalHQ / June 5, 2014

Tarun Chopra, the CFO of Clements Worldwide, a global insurance company, recently agreed to an interview with CFO Journal Senior Editor, Emily Chasan. In the interview, they discussed the preparations required for disasters and crises – as well as the differences between the two concepts.

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