Get Ready for Disruptions in Financial Technology

Financial recently reported about 2012’s six winners of the FinTech Innovation Lab, which supports financial technology startups. This lab was started to incubate innovation in the financial technology area.

2012’s six graduate companies from the lab are (and keep an eye out for):

  1. BillGuard: their services protects credit and debit cards against fraud.
  2. EidoSearch: the big trend in enterprises these days is “big data”. EidoSearch helps you find relationships and patterns within big data. They’re targeting clients such as mutual funds, hedge funds and investment banks. This should be one to watch for finance executives.
  3. TrueOffice: this is a mobile app that “gamifies” compliance training. Making compliance training into a fun and interesting event.
  4. Digital Reasoning: another player in the upcoming trend in big data, Digital Reasoning offers something they call “Automated Understanding” which transforms raw data into intelligence you can act upon.
  5. Visible Market: their software monitors stocks for those interesting delving deeper than your average charts. Presently, the software is available as a mobile app and also look to “gameify” financial data & intelligence.
  6. Centrifuge: Centrifuge’s tools analyze data and finds patterns to uncover fraud.