How The Richest Woman in the World Made Their Cold, Hard Cash

The world’s richest self-made women exemplify what it takes to thrive in the business world. From the intrinsic characteristics to the opportunities and areas it takes to be successful, they represent a number of ideal areas.

Women in all walks of life can utilize the following items for success. After all, these self-made women didn’t have a head start.

Li Chen Hua
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Getting Into Hot and Profitable Markets

Two Chinese women, Wu Yajun and Chen Lihua, topped the 2012 list of Richest Business Women in the World. At $6 and $5.4 billion respectively, according to Michelle Florcruz, Wu and Chen have become rich in the real estate market. The latter doubles Donald Trump’s net worth.

This counterintuitive placement in Chinese culture is a remarkable one for women. With their dedication in such a lucrative market, Wu and Chen have capitalized from the promising industry. It certainly pays to identify “hot” areas where there is money to be made.

Take advantage of markets that will experience impressive growth. While real estate is certainly relevant today, niche technology areas could be poised for this type of progress. Combining promise with the further characteristics is an advantageous scenario.

JK Rowling
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Pure Dedication

Who knew that a train-ride-conceived idea for a book series would make for a great rags-to-riches story? J. K. Rowling went from living off social security to becoming one of the biggest female earners in the world, all in a period of five years.

After a year of searching for a publisher – and several rejected attempts – Rowling landed an advance that eventually allowed her to materialize her idea. Her pure dedication to her work is not unlike other inspiring women on the self-made lists.

Investing in a Passion

Sara Blakely
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Investing one’s life savings is a leap of faith. Yet, with $5,000, Sara Blakely took a risk in order to come up with a product that could be worn under white slacks. Soon Spanx was born.

Now valued at more than $1 million, Blakely’s company has achieved great success with Blakely’s incredibly investment. Putting everything into her company, she certainly went “all in” on her idea and dream.

Recognizing a Need

Recognized as one of the most influential women in the world, Oprah Winfrey is yet another self-made rich woman that exemplifies an innovative approach. She – in a variety of ways – recognized a need that she continues to fulfill.

Oprah Winfrey
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Winfrey’s approach to self-help topics helped innovate not only the talk show genre, but a variety of areas within culture. Her emotional method was well-received, inspiring women in every conceivable area of life. Winfrey’s passion and approach is noteworthy and applicable in many ways.

Overall, several characteristics can be divulged that the world’s richest self-made women share. It is with these areas where the noted women were able to turn dreams into cold, hard cash. For any woman, it forms a basic blueprint for success in all walks of life.