Identifying Bad Leaders

CFOs are increasingly being asked to fill in roles that they used to never undertake. Often times they serve as a right hand to CEOs in companies; considering their grasp of the financial situation of the corporation, this makes sense. In addition to that, being a member of higher management means CFOs, like others, need to be on the look out for bad leaders among their peers and in the ranks of the lower management.

It’s important to do so for the company’s health as well as for the success and well-being of its employees. Bad leaders can end up costing companies a lot, and they should be dealt with or helped to become better leaders as soon as possible. But how to know if someone is a bad leader or not?

You need to look for these traits:

1. No vision: If a manager or leader does not provide an achievable and clear vision for his team, he’s going to fail.

2. Doesn’t Lead: Just because someone is in the position of a leader, doesn’t mean they actually lead.

3. Poor Performance: Not everyone can succeed 100% of time, but if a leader constantly fails to reach success with his team, they might not be the leader you need.

4. Know-it-Alls: These are simply not leaders. The ability to grow intellectually is a crux for a true leader.

5. Poor Communication: Having open and frequent communication between leaders and their teams is incredibly important to success. Failure to do so is a sign someone needs coaching or a new job.

6. Ignoring the customer: A leader needs to be aware of his market and needs to take steps to keep it happy; otherwise, success won’t come as easily as it should.

7. Doesn’t accept responsibility: Someone who is supposed to be a leader who doesn’t take responsibility for problems will fail their team and their company.

8. Doesn’t adapt: A leader who doesn’t realize when it’s time to change his ways is not much of a leader. This is an important trait that all leaders should have.

These are just 8 pieces of advice when it comes to finding bad leaders. Just because someone exhibits some of these problems, it doesn’t mean they are inherently a bad leader. Work with your company’s leaders to help them get to the caliber they need to be. If that fails, it might be time to bring new blood in.

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