Interview with 8th Light CFO Angelique Martin

Angelique Martin, CFO of 8th Light

The CFO of 8th Light, Angelique Martin, was recently interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine. With over seven years of experience with 8th Light, Inc., Angelique Martin has watched the Chicago-based software consulting company grow significantly. During her interview with CEOCFO Magazine, Angelique discussed the company’s growth and outlook for the future.Who is Angelique Martin?

After receiving her MBA from Bloomberg University of Pennsylvania, Angelique Martin began her professional career as a business manager. In 2001, Martin landed a position as Organization Chair of XP/Agile Universe, which led to her eventual position as CFO of 8th Light, Inc. Since joining 8th Light, Inc. in 2006, Angelique Martin has played an integral role in the development of the company.

8th Light, Inc.’s Goals

When interviewed about her involvement with 8th Light, Inc., Angelique Martin outlined a few major company goals.

  • Customer satisfaction. One of the reasons 8th Light, Inc. continues to grow, according to Martin, is its dedication to customer satisfaction. As Angelique stated in the interview, “[The software craftsmen] really solicit a lot of feedback and contact the customer daily.”
  • Diverse customer base. Martin reports that when 8th Light, Inc. first started, their customer base consisted of smaller companies and organizations. As 8th Light, Inc. has progressed, however, Martin notes that a measure of its success has been the ability to attract and retain larger clients.
  • Expansion. Headquartered in Chicago, 8th Light, Inc. is primed for expansion. According to Angelique Martin, “The idea is to grow the company by creating small offices in different areas.” Thus far, Martin reports 8th Light, Inc. has an office in Tampa, Florida and London, England.

The Future of 8th Light

8th Light, Inc. was honored with a position on the Inc. 5000, an annual list of the fastest growing companies. Though Angelique reported plans to geographically expand 8th Light, Inc., a future challenge will be accessing potential customers. Currently, the company does not spend time conducting outreach to potential clients and, instead, relies on clients to contact them directly.

If Martin intends to help 8th Light, Inc. to position itself as a leading software consulting company, plans will need to be put in place to reach out to customers at ancillary locations.

Do you think Angelique Martin is taking 8th Light, Inc. in the right direction?