The 4 Best CFO Conferences in 2013

CFO Conferences
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Every year, in mid-December, our team at CFO Global HQ begins to get excited about all of the conferences to be held in the upcoming year. This December, we’re excited about a number of terrific conferences that are scheduled for 2013. While there are sure to be oversights with any list of this kind, we’ve chosen to feature four conferences that we’re most looking forward to.

The Wall Street Journal CFO Network

When: June 17-18

Where: Washington, D.C.

This conference was a spectacular event in 2012, and we have every reason to suspect that the 2013 version will be just as good – if not better. The conference features some of the strongest CFOs in today’s global marketplace. For two days, they will converge and share about the real issues that their companies are struggling with. Though anyone can attend the CFO Network, only members will be able to get in on working group sessions.

Key speakers at the 2013 meeting include Alan Greenspan, Jeff Smith, and Peter Orszag.

CFO Rising East

When: March 3-6

Where: Orlando, FL

This will be the 20th anniversary of the CFO Rising East conference. The theme this year is “Finding Paths to Growth.” With themes of innovation, creativity, diversity, and growth, this year’s conference has a lot of promise. We’re especially excited to hear Vijay Govindarajan talk about how CFOs can infuse their companies with a constant thirst for innovation. As the role of today’s CFO is constantly shifting, this theme is more relevant than ever before.

The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner

When: April 29-May 3 and November 4-8

Where: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

While this may not be the most enthralling of all the conferences taking place this year, it’s sure to be one of the most valuable. Every smart CFO is looking for ways to make himself more valuable in 2013. This Wharton conference is something of a response to the surprising statistic that 88% of CFOs (survey pool of 164) say that their CEOs expect them to be active members of the top senior-management team in the first 100 days of being on the job. With a truth like that looming in the forefront of every CFOs mind, it’s important to know how to be a strategic partner. The price tag for this conference ($10,250) is high, but many corporations will be happy to cover it for ambitions CFOs.

World Business Forum New York 2013

When: October 1-2

Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY

This is the only conference on our list for 2013 that is not strictly for CFOs. However, as a learning and networking opportunity, it’s too significant to leave off the list. This year’s event features 9 dynamic speakers who are sure to educate and enlighten attendees on everything from core management principles to the shifting trends in the global marketplace. Don’t miss out on this one!

What CFO-specific conferences are you most excited about in 2013?