Time Warner CFO Predicts Rising Television Costs

John Martin, CFO of Time Warner

With the rapid expansion of the internet over the last decade, you’d think television executives would be conceding defeat. But it turns out that the studio networks are fighting back – hard. Time Warner CFO John Martin is touting growth ahead of what he predicts to be a robust new year. In fact, Time Warner is eyeing double-digit growth through 2016 based on higher carriage deals with distributors. Next year is primed to create an atmosphere where meaningful growth accelerates over the next three years.

Martin, who has been Time Warner’s CFO since 2005, says that though the plans are at an early stage, affiliate rate monetization could become a runaway success. Expansion into foreign markets would only fuel the company’s growth, especially as it invests into its online platforms.

CFOs Utilizing Prediction Markets for Insight

Similar to Time Warner CFO John Martin, financial executives throughout the country are relying on prediction markets for foresight into their industry. Through the aggregate opinions of multiple traders, a reliable forecast is generated. Predicting market movement is critical to long-term strategy and success. Prediction markets inevitably reduce uncertainty.

With such valuable insight, CFOs and financial executives can make better decisions that foster an environment for growth. A recent survey from American Express and CFO Research showcases the top predictions CFOs are making going into 2014. They include:

  • Fundamental changes in IT governance. Most CFOs are predicting the maturity of cloud services and adoption strategies. They overwhelmingly see a more involved role in the IT model that drives data assets and decision-making processes.
  • System integrations. Alongside IT growth and development, CFOs find it likely that existing information systems will be integrated into one another. Smoother workflow processes boost efficiency and reduce unneeded costs.
  • Mobile growth. CFOs and IT professionals alike intend on increasing the value of mobile technology internally. This includes improving data retrieval capabilities for employees as well as real-time analytics to make better business decisions.

Just as Time Warner CFO John Martin is molding company strategy based on the internet-television paradigm, financial professionals must include prediction markets in their arsenal of data points. Reliable forecasts and strategic business planning are critical for the most efficient workflow processes possible.