TRENDING: Female CFOs Thrive in 2013

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO

Females have traditionally composed a small percentage of the nation’s CFOs, but their career achievement and influence is more robust than ever in 2013. According to the latest figures from Korn/Ferry International, approximately 12 percent of all CFOs are female, but out of that figure, over half of those women hold positions as directors in another company.

The significance? Whether it’s at the company they serve or as part of another organization’s board, women CFOs are increasingly narrowing the gender imbalance that’s defined executives in the business world. While a successful CFO can come from either gender, career opportunities for women have grown in the last two decades, especially after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed. From Yahoo to Mojiva, the topic of female influence in tech and finance is unavoidable.

However, with male CFOs outnumbering females by figures as lopsided as 73 to 29, there’s still an intangible barrier for many women in the workplace. As perceptions continue shifting at the executive level, there are many actions professional women can take to enhance their career. Below are some tips from the most powerful women in business.

  1. Do the work that no one else is willing to do. Justine Gaeta became the vice president of finance at Mojiva by always doing the tasks that weren’t the most desirable or glamorous. Because she was always willing to work, she was able to distinguish herself from her company as a team player dedicated to bettering the company. As she continued engaging and excelling at these tasks, Gaeta noticed her career excelling as well.
  2. Trust your teammates. As the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Mocean Mobile, Julie Preis knows the importance of working with people you can trust. Since many CFOs are in charge of staffing their own finance team, be sure to hire team members who aren’t just financially savvy, but those you can trust to complete their duties and responsibility.
  3. Build your network. According to Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, females initiate 62 percent of all messages sent. The lesson? Women should leverage their inclination to socialize and build relationships. Remember, your network is your net worth. Plus, you’ll be more satisfied in your position when you have a personal connection with those you work alongside with!