Trending: Small-Business, Start-Up CFOs Flocking to Twitter

You’d be hard pressed to find chief financial officers from Fortune 500 companies on Twitter, but research from Leadtail, Inc. reveals that finance executives from small businesses and start-ups are flocking to the social media giant. The behavior of corporate CFOs on Twitter (or lack thereof) is in stark contrast to the energy of younger finance executives.Maxwell Murphy, senior editor at the Wall Street Journal, suspects that CFOs whose businesses developed in the internet age understand the rewards of harnessing a global, digital audience. Social sites, such as Twitter, allow executives to trade ideas on leadership and to offer ideas on whom to follow. Smart executives utilize Twitter to scope out prospective partners and employees, and also to conduct personal research, which could help in a future dealing.

Twitter Etiquette for CFOs

Despite all its benefits, it’s important to note that tweeting for business is not without its risks. Let’s not forget that Francesca’s Holdings Corp. fired CFO Gene Morphis for tweeting minor details about quarterly results before their scheduled release, causing a stock price uptick.

Financial executives who decide to tweet, for either personal or business reasons, should keep the following tips in mind to reap the full benefits Twitter has to offer:

  • You’re the conscious of the brand. Successful executives on Twitter forgo marketing rhetoric and share things about their company culture in a personal way. This builds trust and leadership, and it creates a window into the life of the company. The most effective executives on Twitter are personable, accessible, authentic, and respond to incoming tweets.
  • Tweet consistently. For social media to be a valuable asset to any business’s marketing plan, it must be consistently applied. The best executive tweeters are those who commit to tweet at least once a day. Similar to business blogging, regular updates are vital to build an effective online presence.
  • Safeguard your tweets. Just as Francesca’s Holdings Corp fired Morphis for leading quarter earning results on Twitter, other companies keep a tight hold on specific information. Think twice before tweeting.

Are you and other executives at your company on Twitter? Are you implementing these tips to improve the brand experience for your customers and partners?