Universal Filmed Entertainment Appoints New CFO

Rowan Conn, CFO of Universal Filmed Entertainment

Universal Filmed Entertainment recently announced the resignation of Sean Gamble as CFO and Executive Vice President. In a letter issued about this change, Chairman Jeff Shell writes, “Sean Gamble will be leaving our company to explore new opportunities.” In the wake of the apparent resignation, Universal Filmed Entertainment announced that Rowan Conn will be taking over as the company’s new CFO effective April 1st, 2014.Who Is Rowan Conn?

Since the announcement, many have been wondering why Universal Filmed Entertainment chose Rowan Conn as Sean Gamble’s replacement. As stated in Jeff Shell’s letter, “Rowan has been with our company for nine years.” Though Rowan Conn has been with Universal Filmed Entertainment for nearly a decade, he holds over two decades of experience in the financial industry. After graduating from the University of Reading in 1990, Rowan Conn landed his first post-graduate position as an accountant for Saffery Champness.

After five years as an accountant, Conn was invited to serve as the Corporate Audit Staff and Finance Manager for Sony Corporation of America. Prior to joining Universal Pictures International in 2004, Rowan Conn held positions as a Finance Director for two music companies. Though he held a successful career prior to Universal Pictures International, Rowan Conn’s numerous successes with Universal were the motivating factor behind his recently-announced appointment as CFO of Universal Filmed Entertainment.

Conn’s Expertise Benefits Universal

As Jeff Shell outlines in his letter, Rowan Conn’s last nine years with Universal have proven beneficial for the company and Conn’s career. During Conn’s role as Vice President of Finance for Universal Pictures International, he was instrumental in the company’s separation from Paramount. Conn’s combined education and expertise helped Universal Pictures International blossom into a multi-billion dollar corporation and strengthen its position as a leading media and entertainment company. Three years after joining Universal Pictures International, Conn became the company’s CFO as a result of his ability to help the company achieve its goals and exceed expectations. Undoubtedly, this impressive list of victories for Universal played a role in Conn’s appointment as CFO as the company aims to continue to add innovation to the entertainment industry.  

What are your opinions about Universal Filmed Entertainment’s change in leadership?