Virginia Bankers Association CFO Conference 2013 In Review

In August, the Virginia Bankers Association held their annual CFO Conference in Charlottesville, VA. This conference brings Chief Financial Officers from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to set objectives for the coming year and to resolve any underlying differences in the financial world. The Virginia Bankers Association hosts eight conferences every year for all levels of bank associates to continue their education and to network with other banking professionals.What is the Virginia Bankers Association?

The Virginia Bankers Association serves as the voice for the Commonwealth’s banking industry. This annual conference provides solutions in resolving differences and accomplishing objectives that have been set at previous conferences. Since 1893, the Virginia Bankers Association has been the unifying force for the banking industry. The Virginia Bankers Association takes the idea of lifelong learning and puts it into practice with their many conferences and symposiums.

Highlights of the Conference

With all of the challenges faced in this economy, it is crucial that bankers stay up-to-date with industry changes and best practices in order to continue to grow their businesses. This annual conference offers valuable presentations and advice on how to prepare for any upcoming challenges. At this year’s conference the agenda focused on:

  • The Cost of Wellness

With all of the changes in the healthcare industry, one of the highlighted topics of this year’s CFO conference was the cost of benefits and wellness programs. The three main areas that businesses will need to focus on when looking at changes in the healthcare industry are access, quality, and cost. For large corporations, access is the most important aspect of these changes. CFOs will need to ensure that their employees will have access to health care coverage that meets the minimum standard of care set up by the Affordable Care Act.

  • Creating Shareholder Value

In looking at creating shareholder value, current trends and conditions in the banking industry need to be examined. This conference focuses primarily on the Southeast and Virginia areas and also on the trading and merger market. CFOs attending this conference will learn ways to evaluate shareholder value by looking at recent transactions and pricing.

Several of the courses offered at this year’s conference satisfied the annual two-hour Virginia Board of Accountancy (BOA) Ethics requirement. Will you be attending the CFO Conference in 2014?