Walgreen Lawsuit Against Former CFO Drags On

The battle has raged on, with claims by Walgreen that Miquelon is lying and giving falsely inflated accounts of himself and his worth

Wade Miquelon, the former CFO of Walgreens, has been making headlines for the past month after suing his former employer for defamation. Miquelon claimed in early October that Walgreens had publicly blamed him for an error in the forecasting of the company’s earnings, leading to misinformed decisions that hurt the company.

In the weeks following the accusation, the battle has raged on, with claims by the company that Miquelon is lying and giving falsely inflated accounts of himself and his worth. Miquelon asserts that Walgreens blaming him for the company’s financial woes has irreparably damaged any chance he would otherwise have had of finding other employment, especially in a CEO or CFO position.

Miquelon has also released a number of emails, text messages, and other communiqués detailing his dealings with other Walgreens executives. These documents, meant to support the claims Miquelon has made thus far of his treatment by Walgreens, have been made a part of public records. The files detail financial information and discussions between Walgreens executives.

In a recent development to this case, Walgreens is pushing to stop any disclosure of documents the company deems to contain private and sensitive information. In addition, the company alleges all documents released by Miquelon contain sensitive material and should no longer be distributed.

Walgreens believes this information has been taken out of context to promote his slanderous narrative. Miquelon, on the other hand, believes exposing this information will help his case and prove his former employer is in the wrong. He hopes to prove he is not to blame for any poor company decisions made based on faulty information.

If Walgreens is successful in its attempts to stop full disclosure, it is unclear what the effects might be for Miquelon’s case. Whether enough information has already been added to the record to prove his claims will have to be decided by a jury sometime in the future. If Walgreens’ attempt is denied, it may be reasonable to assume more information will be released. Any newly disclosed information could have serious implications on the case, as well as on the future of Walgreens.