Why More CFOs Are “Unplugging” Their 2013 Vacations

Ron Fior, CFO of Callidus Software

Summertime is here! For most CFOs, summer vacations don’t always amount to much, as many chief financial officers have a difficult time leaving their job behind, even when on an exotic vacation. Meet Ron Fior, the CFO of Callidus Software based in San Jose, CA. Taking two days vacation to visit his family over the holiday weekend, Fior travelled to Canada to spend time with loved ones. However, though Fior was physically present in Canada, technological connections kept his mind and heart in California. And Fior isn’t the only one.

Traditionally, CFOs have had the most difficult time “unplugging” during vacations, but the paradigm continues to shift. A recent survey of 14,000 by Robert Half Management Resources showcases a slow but noticeable shift in the way that CFOs are viewing vacations, whether it’s during the summer or another time of the year. While CFOs previously had a difficult time unplugging themselves from work, more and more are completely leaving work behind when they go on vacation.

Previously, 74% of CFOs said they checked-in with work while on vacation. Now, surveys show that 51% of CFOs don’t check in at all. So why the shift, and is it a good thing?

Benefits of Unplugging While on Vacation

In the aftermath of the 2008 recession, CFOs everywhere stayed in the hot seat as their companies struggled to recover and grow. Now that the economy is on the upswing, more and more CFOs are taking a complete break from work. The survey results show that many CFOs view going unplugged as a good thing. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased trust. To completely check-out or go unplugged requires trust of your team to be able to carry out responsibilities without your guidance. Aside from increasing trust, this allows CFOs to identify potential candidates for leadership or promotion opportunities.
  • Recharge. Staying connected to work while on vacation doesn’t allow you to experience the full psychological benefits of relaxation. Still, if CFOs must stay connected to work, it’s still more fun to work at the beach than in the office.
  • Morale booster. A recharged CFO is more excited and vibrant upon returning to work. This boosts the workplace moral as well as productivity.